As you might know now I fell in love deeply with African Botanics after a facial at Skins Institute in Amsterdam (read here & here). Marula Oil is my new favourite because it smells amazing and it does a wonderfull job for my skin. Before I decided to treat myself with the  Marula Intense Skin Repair Balm (€60/50ml) I read tons of reviews and it was pretty obvious that some bloggers found it to rich for their skin. Since my skin is combination to oily I was afraid too but I took the risk and bought it with the intention to nourish my hands or body if it did not work for my skin. It is formulated for face and body so I did not expect it to be a waste of my money. I am very sensitive to breakouts so I was afraid that this rich balm would break me out eventually. When I break out I get those ugly dark spots on my face, which I find very frustrating because it takes a lot of peelings, vitamin A and proper care to get rit of those spots. And to be bloody honest they will never fade completely especially not on dark skin. Just before I bought my Marula Intense Skin Repair Balm I received a dermaroller and I tought that this would make the perfect combination. The dermaroller creates small punctures to stimulate collagen. Collagen is produced in the lower skin layer (dermis) and decreases with age. When collagen decreases it will lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. My dermaroller has 3mm needles and is considered save. I don’t consider it painfull but I will never roll more than two max three times a week and I prefer not to combine it with Vitamin A because it is very important to give rest to your skin after a dermaroller session and that is where African Botanics comes in. This balm is amazing because it is soothing and it is made to reduce inflammation and redness (this comes very handy after a dermaroll session).

I just needed one application to know that I did good by buying this. I warm a small amount of the balm in the palm or my hand and massage it on clean (dermarolled) skin. It absorbs very well, I even tried it once under my make-up and it stays very well, I did not experience to much greasyness or anything like that. I do prefer to use it at night because my skin turns oily and during the day I prefer to use a ‘dryer’ product to avoid make-up sliding or streaks (just to be sure). When the weather becomes very bad I think that I might use it during daytime too since it absorbs fast. If you decide to give it a try as a daytime moisturiser please use a very small amount because you don’t need alot of this amazing balm for it to be effective. Did you know that you can use it as a mask too? or as a handcream?

Now lets move on to the ingredients and the benefits. African Botanics sources their ingredients from many small Fair Trade communities in South Africa. African Botanics does not test on animals and only uses high concentration of natural active ingredients mostly wild-grown, wild harvested, certified organic and fair trade. The fragrance is not only amazing and heavenly but it is also 100% non-artificial.

Marula Intense Skin Repair Balm

The key ingredients are:

Marula oil – very rich in antioxidants, vitamin E & Omega 9 & 6
Baobab oil – hydrates and rich in Omega 3,6,7 & 9
Shea Butter – alleviates dryness
Green Rooibos Tea extract – a powerfull antioxidant and rich in minerals
acids AHA – smooths and regenerate skin, evens pigmentation and slows down the aging process.

Overall I love this product! It is a multi use product, a little goes a long way, the fragrance is out of this world and the benefits are amazing.

If you want to check out the line in the Netherlands you can find it at Skins Institute in Amsterdam.







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