African Botanics is one of my favourite brands, or maybe I should call it my favourite, since I find their products exceptional and a great addition to the beauty industry. The packaging is so clean and luxe, the fragrance is so beautiful, so out of this world delicious, the owners are beautiful people, the ingredients are to die for and by the way! everyone needs a little bit of South Africa in their life.

African Botanics might be a South African brand but they are based in LA. I might consider  myself very lucky and privileged to own a big part of their products, but I find it so hard to use them! I keep saving it for that special moment.  I love the white boxes, the luxurious but organic feeling and since it is considered luxury – expensive, I am still debating when to use my products. I am always pro pampering myself but I can’t find an occasion that is special enough to open the products and finally start using them.

I have recently bought their Wanderlust Travel Set from Cult Beauty and I love it! I find that this is the perfect set to start with. The handmade cosmetic bag is so beautiful and perfect for travelling. Let me run you trough the content of the Wanderlust Travel Set.

pure marula cleansing oil

Pure Marula Cleansing Oil 30 mlThis oil is so beautiful and it smells so good! I got a tip from someone to use it in combination with a konjac sponge. I have bought a konjac sponge in Prague and I can’t wait to use these two together. These type of cleansers make taking care of your face such a fun thing to do! Why would you sleep with make-up on,  if you can treat yourself with these products? And also enjou the makeup- removal process. A little goes a very long way so I would definitely buy the full size of this oil cleanser.

An antioxidant and omega- rich cleansing oil for all skin types. Gently purifies and removes make-up, pollution, dead skin cells and surface impurities without causing irritation or skin dehydration. Restores skin’s natural balance and gently exfoliates with an advanced blend of AHA Fruit Acids derived from Bilbery, Pink Grapefruit, Sugar Maple, Sugar Cane and Lemon.

Don’t the description makes your mouth water?? All those delicious fruits, all-in one bottle! I don’t use this as my first cleanse but as my second cleanse on those days when I don’t want to swap on nightcream. I think that it is to precious to use as a first cleanse and I want the oil to really touch my skin instead of my make-up.

marula shimmering gold oil

Marula Shimmering Gold Oil for face body and hair 30ml  – I love to apply shimmering products on my body, this oil is not very shimmery in my opinion but it still reflects a beautiful glow and it absorbes very quick which means – no greasy residu which is perfect because:

1. I am always in a rush so I need to dress upstraight away after application;

2. I don’t want grease stains on my clothes.

The oil has a pleasant fragrance and I would definitely apply it in the summer when you have a tan. I love to apply this oil on my legs, arms and cleavage area.

pure marula oil

Pure Marula Oil 5ml  – This oil made me fall in love with African Botanics, it was definitely love on the first smell. Marula oil is rich in antioxidants, anti-aging and hydrating. Its quite thick but it never broke me out. In my opinion this oil does wonders for every skin and especially for the hydration level of our skin. Although it absorbes very quick I prefer to use it at night or in the weekend when I don’t need to apply make-up afterwards. This oil will give you the perfect spa feeling.

It is unrefined, certified organic, fair trade and is obtained by a single cold-press process using the most advanced green technology to capture all the nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and omegas that deliver nutrition, moisture and luminosity to your skin. Every batch is checked and analyzed by our Lab to ensure the highest quality and bioavailability to empower your skin.

african botanics marula minderal cleansing mask

Marula Mineral Cleansing Mask – 20ml –

You can read my review about the Marula Mineral Cleansing Mask here. My opinion of this beautiful mask hasn’t changed! I am still in love with the fact that it doesn’t turn rock hard on the skin, I love the pudding thick consistency and the amazing ingredients.

I would recommend everyone to buy the Wanderlust Travel Set. And I can assure you that you want more and more from this beautiful brand!

The Wanderlust Travel Set is available at Cult Beauty & on the African Botanics Website.



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