I love beautiful nails lady’s. You have to be aware that our nails play a very important role in our overall appearance. This is absolutely one of the reasons why I always take excellent care of my nails. Isn’t it irritating when nailpolish lookes chipped just a few ours after a manicure or polish session? I can’t stand it when that happens. Off course there are soms tips and tricks to keep your nailpolish chipfree as long as posible, like working on clean and dry nails, applying a basecoat etc but I have the greatest tip of all. Have you ever heard from Caption? Well it is about time!


Caption is the first nail polish ever to incorportate multi-patented LAC Q3 technology, a futuristic solution that simply makes it simple to express and personalize; apply and remove.

The team behind Caption wanted something beyond existing gel technology and they have created it. I need to tell that I am more than impressed with this nailpolish. I received  a beautiful coral red which I like alot because it is so me, and don’t let me get started about the super fast drying time, the shine and the lastingpower. As you can see on the pictures the shine is amazing, very gellike but much easyier to remove (no soaking necessary). Even when I don’t use the topcoat my nails remain shiney.

I like to apply one layer of the Caption Base Coat (€15,95) on dry and clean nails. The basecoat preps my nails like a faceprimer would prep your skin and also cancels out yellowing. I have just learned that dark colors are very drying for your nails so always apply basecoat to avoid stains and brittle nails. After the basecoat I follow up with two thin layers of Caption Color in ‘Sorry i’m not Sorry’. Always apply thin layers because that is the best way to let the nailpolish dry faster  Caption dries with the speed of light but just keep this tip in mind when you decide to pick up another brand. The day after I seal the polish with just one layer of the Caption Top Coat (15,95). The topcoat helps my nailpolish to last longer and remain chip free as long as possible. (It is my personal preference to apply the topcoat the day after but it is not necessary to wait that long). After these three steps I just enjoy my high shine finish that have last for nearly two weeks on my nails. A lot of people asked me if I am back to my old love ‘gelcolor’ but the answer is no! I am not I am just enjoying my Caption nailpolish.

Each polish is € 16,95  and they have an extented range of colours. The Caption collection is available at

painting by Sophie de Ruiter.

caption nail polish

Caption nailpolish

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