My nails are very important to me. One can never have enough nailpolishes. This stunning CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in ‘Overtly Onyx’ is my first item from the CND collection.

VINYLUX Weekly Polish is a breaktrough polish that endures a week of fashion perfection without a basecoat! Exposure to natural light activates the patent pending ProLight Technology to deliver week-long wear. While ordinary polishes break down over time, VINYLUX Weekly Polish actually becomes more durable!

This shade might look like black but actually it is blue/greyish with a kind of subtile sparkle. It is a very nice alternative to black nailpolish since it is softer but still very chic and elegant. I wear this color the whole year round, it is definitely a fall/winter favourite but I would also wear it during the warmer months here in the Netherlands.

CND Vinylux overtly onyx

Before I start with my mini manicure I make sure that my nails are polish and grease free. After buffing and filing my nails I paint two thin coats of the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish to avoid thick and messy nailpolish. I have to mention that one layer already gives a beautiful finish and a very good coverage, two layers will make your manicure look just perfect. When my nails are completely dry I finish with the CND Vinylux Weekly Topcoat for a gel-like and picture perfect finish. If I want to refresh my manicure after a few days I just apply another fresh layer of the Weekly Topcoat.

The color did not last a week on my fingernails but I also know the reason why I didn’t last. I work in an office and I need to use my computer every second of the day – all that typing doesn’t really help to keep my nailpolish perfect but I still reach for it on a regular basis because I love the color and the fact that it dries up very quick and without streaks.

If you don’t have enough time for a polish session and if you want a color that lasts longer than a regular nailpolish, I would highly recommend the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish.

cnd vinylux weekly nailpolish



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