Pepare your skin for spring with DE MAMIEL Spring Facial Oil(€81,95/20ml). This oil is sublime I can’t wait to tell you more about it. de Mamiel creates a facial oil for each season. It makes complete sense because you treat your skin differently during different seasons. I dont use a thick cream in the summer or a lightweight one during winter times I guess non of you do. De Mamiel spring facial oil gives your skin what it needs during spring season. The spring facial oil is all about brightening and renewing the skin.

“de Mamiel Seasonal Oils are hand blended and produced in a strictly limited edition, using only premium ingredients from the purest natural organic sources possible. These ingredients are chosen just weeks before the product goes on sale to ensure the most therapeutic blend to suit the effects of the climate and the emotional aspects of the season ahead. Available only four times a year”

The Spring blend contains essential oils of grapefruit (helps clear lymphatic congestion; skin tonic for oily, congested skin, acne, blemishes and blocked pores. Smoothes away stagnant ‘qi’ physically and emotionally thus ridding us of tension, frustration and moodiness), juniper (Toning and detoxifying; circulatory stimulant, cleans up sluggish skin via the blood and helps with lymph drainage; anti-microbial. Helps restore determination and will. Stimulates yang energy), geranium (improves skin circulation and skin tone; helps to clear congested skin, dermatitis and eczema; balances the production of sebum in the skin; invaluable skin healing properties, superb for oxygenating facial skin especially where there are broken capillaries and veins.) and calendula (soothes and heals skin; cooling, toning, moisturising and revitalising properties which optimise healthy skin regeneration; good wound healer and works well to treat scarred, damaged and irritated skin), which are highly antioxidant, antimicrobial and essential fatty acid-rich, but also work in harmony to balance and brighten, soothe and purify the skin. These exquisite oils rest upon a foundation of nature’s most supportive flower essences – blackberry, dandelion, luffa and tansyI used it morning and night after my cleansing routine (4 drops each time) and the first thing what struck me immediately was the nice aromatherapy smell (like lemmongrass) and the fact that the oil sinks in with the speed of light. So perfect for layering under your make-up. Non greasy and so fast absorbing. If de Mamiel Spring Facial oil didn’t sink in that quick it wouldn’t be the perfect oil for a twice a day use. The lemongrass smell (my description) has a calming effect on me and it is very good for getting a good night sleep, no more pillowspray needed! . As told in the description the Spring Facial oil will renew both skin and spirit. My skin complection looks healthy and glowy. I love my facial routine with this oil in it.Annee de Mamiel survived cancer, during that period in her life she could not find a natural healing product that worked so she decided to start blending her own products. Her seasonal facial oils have won the following awards:

– Best Facial Oil – Psychologies Magazine Positive Beauty Awards 2014

– Best Holistic Treatment- Glass Magazine Positive Beauty Awards 2014

– Highly commended – Tatler Beauty Awards 2013

– Best Face Oil- Woman & Home Magazine Best in Beauty 2012

You can buy yours at the Dutch Green Webshop Indisha


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