I love a good blush, especially when the weather becomes colder and the sun is gone. A good blush has the ability to give life to every dull complexion and who doesn’t love a healthy flush on their cheeks? A beautiful orange shade was definitely high on my ‘to buy’ list. During my search I came across Nars ‘Exhibit A’ but that was way to bright for me. It is a beautiful color and the reviews are amazing but it is just not for me. I have discovered Dolce and Gabbana The Blush in ‘Sole’ and the whole make-up/ skincare range during my visit to Valencia in may this year. The shop lady asked me if she could apply some make-up on my face and introduced me to this red/orange blush shade. I did not buy it in Valencia because I was not sure if I had a purpose for the blush. When I bought my Tom Ford Wild Ginger lipstick in Stockholm a few weeks ago (review here) I knew that I needed to pair it with a nice orange blush to create a good balance. The beautiful golden casing and the velvet pouch, Dolce Gabbana has an eye for details. The blush also comes with a small brush which I also use sometimes when I prefer little precise strokes and very small amounts of blush. I Always throw those little brushes away but in this case I have decided to keep it and use it. Please avoid the clown look! but since I have dark skin I can allow a little bit more color on my cheeks.

dolce gabbana the blush

I own a lot of pink blush shades but I would never match a pink blush with an orange lipstick, that is a big no go for me. I am not trying to become a clown anytime soon. Dolce and Gabbana ‘The Blush’ comes in 13 shades and I would discribe it as very pigmented, smooth, finely milled and silky to the touch and ridiculously pretty – only if you apply it with a light hand! Pair The Blush with a nice bronzer and you are good to go! I believe that this blush looks good on almost all skintones but you just need to know how much to apply. If you have fair skin I would recommend a brush that gives a sheer application to avoid to much pigmentation on the cheeks, it can easily become a bit too much. I tap the brush (only once) into the pan and apply it directly on my cheeks. I don’t tap the excess off because I do prefer more pigmentation since my skin is dark. After applying it I blend it in with my beauty blender for a more natural look.

I don’t know the exact price but if I am correct it costs around €40. You can find it online in the Netherlands but Dolce & Gabbana Beauty is still not being sold in the selective beauty stores here in The Netherlands.

sole dolce gabbana


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