Dr Jackson’s is a niche cosmeceutical company created from 21 years of Pharmacognosy (study of medicines from natural products)  research, utilising the best from nature”

Dr Jackson’s produces different organic skincare products and tea’s.  I bought  the #4 Dr Jackson’s coconut melt (€12) because I love the fact that coconut oil is a multipurpose oil that can be used for example as:

  • 1. An eye make-up remover ;
  • 2. Cuticle oil ;
  • 3. A conditoner for hair ends ;
  • 4. A lipbalm ;
  • A treatment to counter the appearance of fine lines.

You get  15 ml of 100% organic  coconut oil without preservatives or stabilisers that can be used as an ‘everything balm’. Very handy to keep in your bag and a must have  for (frequent)  travellers. The smell of this organic coconut oil is quite impressive, It smells like coconut milk, really divine! I never had a jar of coconut oil that smells that good as the Dr Jackson’s one. It makes me feel like i’m having a holliday on an Carribean island.

But why should you invest in a 15 ml tub of Dr Jackson’s coconut oil instead of the 100% extra virgin coconut oil that you can buy at the regular organic shops or grocery stores around the block? According to Dr Jackson’s  there are three types of coconut oil. 1. Raw coconut oil extracted at source which is wonderful but can go rancid if not refrigerated  2.The culinary grade ( the one I cook with) which is great for  eating and cooking but can quite fatty to put on the skin and can go rancid quite easily 3. The pharmacy grade which is more stable and doesn’t need a refrigeration unless it gets to warm.

You can buy Dr Jackson’s at Net A Porter or at www.drjackson.co.uk.

Dr Jackson’s coconut melt retails for € 12 (15ml)

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