It is no secret that I just love facial oils. I might have a combination skin but I still love the fact that it face oils are so concentrated. Those tiny little bottles are filled with moisturiser boosters and anti oxidants. For me buying a face oil over a face cream feels like paying for the real deal (100 % pure) instead of the opposite. I love to share my three favourite oils with you!


Estelle & Thild Biodefence Multi Nutrient Face Oil

This Swedish award winning organic certified brand is founded by Pernilla Rönnberg and named afer her two daughters. This beautiful oil is packed with some awesome ingredients known for delaying the signs of aging. BioDefence Multi Nutriënt Youth Oil has a nice smell, it makes me think about berries and I find it very hydrating.  I love the fact that two drops are just enough for my combination (sometimes oily) skin. I follow up with two drops on my neck and two drops on my decollete. Remember this rule: “what you use on your face must be used on your neck and decollete”. Antiagening doen’t stop at your face! The oil is fast-absorbing but I do prefer to use it during before bedtime. It gives an immediate little glow, absorbes well and doesn’t feel greasy on my skin. I try to massage it in for a few minutes just to be sure that my skin is able to absorb al the key ingredients. I don’t like to use it under my make-up because it might get a little bit to greasy. Did you know that you can create your own cocktail by mixing it with the Multi-Action Youth Serum. Available at Skins Cosmetics

Sisley Blackrose Precious Faceoil

The Black Rose Precious Face Oil is considered a dry oil and can be used after your toner. I only use it before bedtime because of my combination skin. If I use this under my make-up during daytime I am frightened that my make-up will slight off and You and I both know that a greasy face is not cute. I use three drops (Sisley recommends 3-7 drops) and I press the oil into my skin for the maximum effect. It is a dry oil so it sinks in very quick. Since my skintype is combination I don’t need to follow up with a moisturizer if I decide to use it during the day when the weather in the Netherlands gets colder. I consider this oil rich enough for my skin, no extra moisture needed. This product might be designed for mature, dry and dehydrated skin but I still love it!  I am a big sucker for face oils so I was very happy when I received this one. I consider myself very lucky because Sisley is very highend and the price of this precious face oil might be someone else’s monthly grocery shopping budget.I can not fill you in about the anti agening effects because I don’t have wrinkles and fine lines to smooth but I can definitely recommend it for a radiant complection. Available at selective beauty stores like ICI Paris XL

Kahina 100% Organic Argan Oil

When the weather gets colder I love to mix a few drops of Kahina Argan oil with my moisturiser. This is the best argan oil I have ever tried! It might be 100% and very rich but it doesnt feel greasy at all on my face. It gives me the most beautiful glow and it made people ask me what I use on my face to achieve that glow, well Kahina argan oil! Kahina is a uber cool high end organic brand and I just love the fact that they believe in giving back to the women who harvest and produce the ingredients at the core of their products. The packaging is very chic and most important the bottles are made of dark glass to avoid light to break down the oil’s best properties. I always use the oil after my toner. When you apply facial oil on damp skin you need less product, the facial oil will penetrate deeper into the skin and oil also holds that extra water on the skin. Argan oil has some great benefits , it can improve your skintone, neutralize free radicals and also minimize fine lines. The smell is not that stong compared to other argan oils and a little (30ml) goes a long way. My last bottle lasted me 4-5 months. Available at Amazingy Natural and Organic Cosmetics




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