My not so good friend named ‘acne’ definitely left his (or should I say her?) marks on my skin. Whenever my skin breaks out I always keep a dark acne mark as a souvenir and believe me when I tell you that I am never amused when I am confronted with yet another dark spot.I am blessed with a combination to oily skin however that means that I need to maintain my skin until the end of time because if I don’t, acne will take over my life and my skin.

I have tried quite some things to make my acne marks lighter: peelings, toners, masks and exfoliators but clearing dark spots on dark skin really takes a village. A few weeks ago ‘Filorga Pigment White Brightening Care Cream’  (50 ml/ € 55,90) landed on my desk and I am very impressed. Filorga Pigment White faded my pigmentation after a few uses and kept me clear since using it.

Filorga Pigment White is considered a multi action product with three functions;

    1. Dark spot correction: Minerals act to immediately attenuate dark spots, while hexylresorcinol, a powerful brightener, corrects them deep down and an antioxidant polyphenol acts to prevent them from reappearing.
    2. Color control uniformity: An anti-glycation peptide acts to remove yellow from the complection. While exfoliating glucolactone removes grey, and vitamin B3 reduces redness thanks to its calming effect.
    3. Light revealer: Soothing vitamin C in combination with hydrating polysaccharide and revitalizing NCTF reveals the skins natural rightness.

I have seen a big difference since using ‘Filorga Pigment White’ and I am pleased with the fact that it didn’t cause bad reactions. I should add that I really believe in the philosophy of Filorga Laboratories. Let me inform you that I am a very picky person and I refuse to apply every single beauty product on my skin because my skin is too sensitive. When a product causes a pimple it takes too much time for the acne mark to clear up.

Filorga Pigment White has a rich texture however the finish is very matte. If I want my skin to glow I will have to apply one of my Filorga Laboratories serums or another fast  absorbing face oil first. My foundation already has a matte finish and I don’t want my make-up to look to powdery or matte.

Filorga is one of those brands that really stand out and I reach for their products on a regular basis.  Now that I am using this cream I guess I want to try out more of their products. The quality and performance are very good and I never broke out while using their products, therefore I would definitely recommend it to all of you!

In conclusion: Would I recommend this cream? Yes! It is effective and you can use it as a day cream or night cream. I always like to apply a little bit extra on dark spots just to make sure that it has the effect that I want it to have. Filorga Laboratories is available at ICI PARIS XL – instore and online.

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