I was interested in trying out these hairproducts especially since I become drawn to everyting that is pure/green. I don’t believe that this hair – care range is 100% green and certified but According to KEUNE the ‘So Pure’ range is “a veritable hair spa in a bottle”. The products smell very herbally, I personally, don’t have an issue with the fragrance because I associate it with essential oils, aromatherapy and cleanness. That being said, I want to point out that a fragrance is very personal so some of you might not like this herbally fragrance and that is totally fine.


Please allow me tell you more about the products that I use te most.

keune so pure recovery shampoo

keune recovery conditioning spray

keune conditioning spray

KEUNE So Pure Recover Shampoo & Recover Conditioning Spray:

Contains olive oil and quinoa proteins to restore the natural hydration and shine of the hair and scalp. My hair is very coarse so I can’t use everything in my hair. For me a shampoo has to be super hydrating and non drying because otherwise my hair will feel and look like straw and that is not a good look. I can’t tell you anything yet about the long term results but my first impression is good. I like the way my hair feels: soft and gentle.

The ‘Recover Conditioning Spray is my favourite! I need constant hydration and I love the fact that it detangles my hair. I once read that a leave in conditioner is like a lotion for very dry skin and I totally agree! I use it on towel dried hair and before my blowdry session. This leave in conditioner contains some amazing ingredients like : quinoa proteins, certified organic coconutoil and certified organic avocado oil.

keune moisturizing treatment

KEUNE So Pure Moisturizing Treatment:

Deep conditioning is a must must must do for us girls with coarse hair. Especially since my hair is damaged from the use of heat styling tools and relaxers. I’d rather skip the conditioner and go straight to the ‘Moisturizing Treatment’. This product is made for dry, porous and damaged hair (sounds familliar). I this leave creamy substance in my hair for about 10 minutes before rinising,  just to make sure that it will sooth my damaged  and brittle hair. I try to use this once a week for the best results.

keune so pure argan oil light

KEUNE So Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Light:

My hair is very thick, it drinks oil and serums like an alcoholic that hasn’t seen a bottle of wine for days…..The ‘Moroccan Argan Oil Light’ is officially made for fine hair but suprisingly enough it seems to work for me . I like to run it through wet or dry hair after blow- drying. It smells nice and for my hair a max of 2-3 pumps are just enough. I always reach for it when I want my hair to look shinier.

keune so pure



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