There is one product that I will be raving about today, can you guess it? It is the Foreo Luna Mini. A few months ago I received this beauty and from that day on I have been using this little colorful device every day. My skin feels cleaner, softer (very soft), much healthier and it got rid of seven zits after two days of use (twice a day). Foreo claims that this stylish device will leave the skin looking healthier in just 3 days and they did keep their promise because it reduced my pimples immediately after using it.


I can not comment on the Clarisonic although I heard from several friends that it can be very abrassive and also cause skin purging. Those who own both do prefere the Foreo but I don’t believe that you can compare those two devices with eachother. The Foreo Luna Mini is very gentle especially compared to Clarisonic,  which makes it suitable for all skintypes.  I haven’t experienced any form of purging yet, hopefully it stays that way. I love the Foreo Luna Mini because it cleanses better than my hands. Although I would recommend you to remove your make-up before using the Foreo Luna Mini because I dont like to be swirling my make-up around and it didn’t remove my make-up like I expected. If you want to enjoy your Foreo for a long time please stay away from grainy and clay cleansers. These type of cleansers will harm the silicone brush.

The Foreo luna features two different speeds, I guess its because of the ‘clean pores’ feeling but I always put it on the highest speed. I chose the bright pink color (Magenta)  but if you don’t love pink I still have some good news because they are available in five unique colors.  The Foreo Mini  looks so cute in my bathroom and it is very travel friendly since it is so small and I don’t need to worry about charging issues. I took mine with me during my last trip to Spain and I loved the fact that it is such an easy device and it didn’t take alot of space in my handbag.

Let me tell you more about the four features

 1. T-Sonic Technology 

Up to 8000 per minute, soft silicone (hygienic) to remove dead skincells and to unclog pores.

2. Unique Silicone

The silicone brush resists bacteria build up making it up 35 x more hygienic than other sonic-cleansing brushes

3.Ultra Gentle Deep Cleansing

Foreo Luna provides a deep/effective but gentle cleansing

4. Smart and Travel Friendly Design

Fully waterproof and lasts up to 300 uses per fully charge and requires no replacement brushes.


As you can read from the review I am very happy with my Foreo Luna Mini, it is a great addition to my skincare stash.  Yes I agree that it is doesn”t come cheap but it is worth having! You can buy your Foreo Luna Mini (€119) at Douglas or at www.

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