During my short visit to Stockholm I had the honour to meet Lars Fredriksson, founder of amongst others Verso Skincare. We had a nice chat while enjoying a good glass of wine and I must say that I have learned alot about the story behind this amazing skincare line. Lars has alot of knowledge and is willing to share that with everyone who is interested. His skin is flawless! and did you know that he has a finance and marketing backround? Verso Skincare was born two years ago but the brand is already has 21 sellingpoints all over the world. Are you interested in more about Verso Skincare? just keep on reading!


Can ‘Retinol 8’ be compared to prescription retin A?
“Vitamin A acid is a pharmaceutical molecule that needs to be prescribed by the doctor. The most common cosmetic vitamin A ingredient is Retinol. Both pure vitamin A acid and Retinol is UV sensitive and is able to damage the skin on the long term. Our ‘Retinol 8’ is a stabilized vitamin A derative which can be used in cosmetics. eight times more effective than standard retinol in the same dosage and less agressive. It is created from a combination of Vitamin A acid and Retinol. Not everyone is tolerant to vitamine A acid. This makes Verso Skincare an easy line, it gives the typical Vitamin A results but without all the precautions, reducing fine lines, pigmentation and skin roughness it will give the skin a better glow and radiance. ”

How come Verso Skincare has fragrance to it?
Verso Skincare uses a hypoallergenic fragrance to mask some active ingredients that have a distinctive scent.”

I have always been taught that foam cleansers are known for stripping the skin. What makes the Verso Foam Cleanser different than others?
“Sulfate compounds are known to have the ability to strip the skins from its natural oils. Verso Foaming Cleanser is free from sulfates and it is infused with a mild coconut oil based cleansing agent.”

Do you recommend Verso Skincare after peelings or in combination with Vitamin A acid?
Verso Skincare is an active skincare range. You must be careful using Verso Skincare after a strong peeling, such as a chemical peeling but Verso Skincare can be used together with other products. If someone is using prescriptive Vitamin A acid, I suggest to consult the dermatologist depending on the reasons for the use of prescriptive strenght.”

What is the bestseller of the skincare line?
Verso Skincare has two bestsellers, the Verso Super Eye Serum and also the Super Facial Serum. There are few eyecreams with Vitamin A on the market. The fact that Verso Skincare is one of the few brands with a Vitamin A based eyecream and known for delivering good results makes it so special and highly sought for. The Super Facial Serum is more like a cream because of the creamy texture, it is named a serum because of the high concentration of Vitamine A. I wear the Super Facial Serum day and night and during the whole year. When I have the intention to go outside or when the weather is sunny like today’s weather I switch to the Verso Day Cream with SPF 15.”

What is your definition of good skincare?
Everyone is different, there are so many skintypes and so many people on this planet but I believe in simplicity. We don’t need a coctail of products. Especially women expose themselves to so many ingredients. A women with make-up on get exposed to 500-1000 ingredients. There is no reason to keep layering products on your face, just keep it simple”

What is the best way to maintain healthy skin according to you?
“Everyone needs 1. A good cleanser 2. A good daycream with Vitamin A 3. Sunscreen “

What are your future plans with Verso Skincare?
Verso Skincare has seven products and has 21 selling points. We exist two years now and we would love to expand the line but only when necessary. We don’t just launch a product. We have high demands for masks, lip, decolletage and hand products so that might be the next step”











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