‘Jo Malone London’ Home Collection

** Update: This diffuser enlights my crib with her delicious but not overpowering scent. Its such a warm welcome when I come home! I really do recommend you to purchase this diffuser!! Its one of the best around.

Everyone can use a touch of glamour at home. I love scented candles and beautiful diffusers, they give your home a touch of glam. I need to admit that I wasn’t really into reed diffusers a while ago. Why? because a lot of reed diffusers are made with syntetic oils and I don’t really like the smell of synthetic oils. Synthetic products can be cheaper to produce but to be honest with you, they give me a headache 99% of the time.

The Pommegrante Noir is one of Jo Malone’s top sold fragrances. Pommegrante, raspberry and plum are spiked with pink pepper and laced with Casablanca lily and spicy Woods. I just love it! The fragrance is delicate and natural (that means no headache). It looks really pretty on a bookshelf or on your coffee table, in combination with some nice coffee table books.  The nice Stylist told me that the fragrance will last for about eight months! How wonderful is that? In my opinion the lastingpower and the quality of this diffuser really justify the hefty pricetag. Do not forget that some reed diffusers only last for six to eight weeks. For € 65 you get 165 ml of natural frangrance, eight months of pleasure and a chic bottle to show off on your coffee table or  dressing table.

‘Jo Malone London’ is available at the Bijenkorf Amsterdam and The Hague.

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