A few days ago I was invited at a Laura Mercier event at Skins Cosmetics Runstraat in Amsterdam. Skins Cosmetics turned fifteen on november 11th and to celebrate their third lustrum they organised some awesome events for their beloved customers. This event was all about Laura Mercier and the global make-up artist Tayaba Jafri together with the Laura Mercier NL team. Tayaba Jafri is part of Laura’s team and came all the way from Canada to teach us all the techniques needed to be effortlessly classy and sophisticated (exactly the way I want to look).
Skins Cosmetics 15 jaar


As you might know Laura Mercier is known for her flawless face technique and her amazing make-up line. Her make-up line consists of several primers, lipproducts, foundations, eye make-up etc. To make sure that everyone gets to know Laura Mercier the best way possible Skins Cosmetics invented three stops during the event:

1. Lips
2. Strobing
3. The Flawless Face

Every stop was a educational experience, I learned so much and offcourse I would love to share it with my readers. Let me guide you to the different stops and tell you point by point what I have learned during this amazing event.

I am so in love with the Laura Mercier Paint Wash Liquid Lipsticks (€29). I discovered these matte liquid lip colors during the event and I am in loveeeee. I just love a matte lip, I prefer it over a glossy lip because matte lips look so sophisticated and glamourous. I am a big lipstick lover with a huge preference for matte shades. The make-up artist surprised me with this bright vibrant orange red called ‘Vermillion’, this was love at the first sight. It might be matte but it is super super longlasting, very pigmented and very creamy. Matte lipsticks can dry out the lips and look chalky at the end of the day but the Paint Wash liquid lipsticks are nothing like that. I learned that in order to create the perfect lip I have to:

1. Line the lips with a lipliner to prevent bleeding;
2. Apply loose or pressed powder on the lips to set the liner base and to get rid of any grease on the lips;
3. Apply the lipstick with a lipbrush for precise application.

Laura Mercier Smooth Lip color

laura mercier paint wash

laura mercier paint wash vermillion

skins cosmeticss

Have you ever asked yourself if there is any difference between strobing and highlighting? The answer is yes, there is a small difference between strobing and highlighting.
It might look similair but the powders used for highlighting are usually lighter compared to the strobing powders/creams. Strobing looks more like if it is coming from within,it lookes a little bit more polished and dewy (a very clean effect). Strobing powders and creams are able to blend effortlessly with powder or cream blush to create the most natural effect on your skin. Laura Mercier has a beautifull palette named the ‘Candle Glow’ Luminizing Palette. This palette includes two highlighting powders and four eye colors.

Now how do you strobe? Master make-up artist Amanda Rijff shared her tips and tricks with us :

1. Make sure to conceal the eye to even out the color under the eyes;
2. Apply a little bit of eyeserum over your concealer to reflect the light;
3. Always apply a little bit of loose powder with the Laura Mercier fan brush (made from goat hair and nylon) to set the concealer;
4. Now use the stobing palette to apply the eyeshadow on your eyelids and the strobing powder on the highest points of your face.

Since my skin is combination to oily it is very important to use a blotting powder to keep the shine away. I don’t want to look like an oil slick (not recommended).

amanda rijff

laura mercier candle glow luminizing palette

The Flawless face with Tayaba.
Tayaba is full of energy and loves to share her tips and tricks with us Laura Mercier lovers. What is a flawless face and how can I apply my make-up the best way possible and still look flawless and natural? Get a pen and a pencil boys and girls because this is a long list! Tayaba doesn’t want to see the make-up on her and neither on our faces and thank God she was there to explain to us how we can achieve that (all products mentioned are from
Laura Mercier)

1. Flawless skin starts with skincare, always cleanse with a oil cleanser because it is clinically proven that it removes dead skin, sebum, make-up etc. A good oil cleanser hydrates the skin and makes the skincare work better especially overnight;
2. Choose your product wisely, the tinted moisturiser is inspired on the alphabeth creams (BB, CC) that is just enoug for a casual make-up on the go, or like Tayaba calls it her yoga pants. The heavier foundations are to look flawless and perfect. Pressed foundations are perfect to take with you like a trench coat.
3. Embrace the unique two shade ‘Secret Camouflage’ concealer (€38) to camouflage dark circles and minor imperfections;
4. Always use a primer. Laura Mercier primers are waterbased and are created to make the make-up stay longer. A primer protects the skin and doubles the make-up wear;
5. When you pick a foundation shade make sure it matches your neckline;
6. Put some foundation on the sponge, push it into the skin and smooth it away for a even color. It is not suppose to look like a mask. You don’t have to see the pigment on your skin;
7. Take away the excess of the concealer from the brush and just tickle the concealerbrush (barely touch the skin). Never rub the concealer into your skin just let it melt;
8. Set the products with the ‘Translucent loose setting powder’  (€42) – use the powder puff if you need to set it for a longer time. The translucent powder will avoid the make-up to slide off.

laura mercier

I am so happy that I was able to attend this masterclass because for me it was so educational that I consider it more than a event. Everyone was great and I have learned a lot. We received a lovely goody bag with Laura Mercier products and I walked out of Skins Cosmetics with a huge wishlist.  Please remember that Skins Cosmetics sells a lot of beautiful niche brands. Go and take a look for your self.

Happy anniversary Skins Cosmetics it was a pleasure!

wiahlist skins cosmetics

skins cosmetcis runstraat



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