I just love the idea behind the Marie Stella Maris concept. Whenever you buy a Marie Stella Maris product, a fixed amount is donated to clean drinking water projects.

I believe that this is a very good initiative since clean drinking water is very essential in life.  With this in mind I was determined to get my hands on the no. 34 “Lipbalm Comme Amande Cocos” € 19/15ml. It is described as an organic lipbalm made from beeswax, almond and coconut oil. This lipbalm comes in a very cute glass yar and it has a very subtile fragrance, I can smell the coconut oil but like I said before it is not disturbing because in my opinion it is very subtile. I don’t want to start off negative but this lipbalm has a few downsides which I need to point out (this is just my opinion).

1/ The pot is not very hygienic, I have to make sure that my hands and nails are washed before sticking my fingers into the pot. Therefore I think that the tube might be a better alternative and also much more hygienic.

2/ The lipbalm is rich but the moisture effect doen’t last very long (on my lips). I would probably not reach for this during wintertime, because in my opinion a lipbalm is only effective when it has a very rich texture. Only then it has the ability to keep my lips moisured and chapped free.

I have been enjoying this balm as an addition to my skincare regime. As soon as I am finished with my five – sometimes six step evening skincare routine I reach for this balm by applying a tiny amount on my lips. This extra step just makes my sincare routine complete. I also reach for this very frequently when I am planning to wear an ultra matte lipstick.  I can asure you that the . 34 lipbalm Comme Amande Cocos absorbes quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residu behind. After exfoliating my lips – to remove dead skin, I rehydrate my lips with the Comme Amande Cocos balm to be sure that my lips feel soft and smooth. I will let the balm set for aproximately 10 minutes before appying my lipstick and then I am good to go!

marie stella maris lip balm

marie stella maris 34 lipbalm

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