Mintd box Winter Skincare Kit

Mintd box Winter Skincare Kit

I have a love hate relationship with winter. Why? I can’t stand my greasy skin in the summer however I can’t enjoy my dull and dehydrated skin that pops up during the winter either. My face is not the only part of my body that is suffering from uncomfortable dryness. The skin of my body also deserves some tlc.

Mintd box would not be Mintd box if they wouldn’t team up with upcoming, innovative & premium brands to bring us 5 moisturizing beauty products that focus on hydrating and repairing the skin.

Now let’s take a look at this month’s Mintd box:

african botanics shower cream

African Botanics Marula Plantes D’Afrique Shower Cream

I love the brand African Botanics and the founders. This Los Angeles based luxury skin care company founded by Julia and Craig Noik really has brought some amazing body and skincare products on the market. I want to start by saying that the fragrance of the shower cream is not really for me. I have said many times that the Marula oil fragrance is out of this world delicious but I was not very impressed by the aroma of the shower cream. With that being said I love the tiny granules which have exfoliating properties. I love to take good care of my body and exfoliating should be on everyone’s to do list. The ingredients are a-mazing as usual! Crushed Baobab fruit, ancient lava minerals, green Rooibos Tea, Honeybush extracts to promote smooth skin texture and to polish the skin. I reach for this very thick and rich shower cream mornings and evenings. By the way have I already mentioned that I love the packaging? It looks so chic in my bathroom. I massage the shower cream in circular movements on dry skin. my skin feels very nourished and hydrated after my shower with the African Botanics Shower Cream. If keeping your skin smooth and hydrated is important for you I would recommend you to give this shower cream a try.

Full size: € 45/ 200 ml – Available at Net a Porter and via

aroma therapy associates lip balm

aroma therapy assovciates lip balm

Aromatherapy Associates Moisturising Lip Balm

This is by far one of the best lip balms on the market! I love this lip balm. This balm falls into the “never leave home without” category. Winter (for me) means painful and cracked open lips. This lip balm heals and prevents chapped lips. I use this lip balm routinely as an overnight treatment for moisturized lips and I love to reach for it before applying lip gloss. I am still searching for a lip gloss with moisturizing properties but unfortunately this is hard to find. The balm is scented with ginger, vanilla and cocoa butter. A little goes a very long way and it does not feel sticky at all. I would describe it as shiny but not glossy. In conclusion highly recommended.

Full size: 16 pounds / 7 ml – Available instore and online at

magic stripes hand repairing gloves

Magic Stripes Hand Repairing Gloves

We should never forget our hands since our hands reveal our age. I was very excited to receive this gloves because I didn’t know this existed. Off course I know how to take care of your hands and I have heard that soms celebrities sleep with gloves on but I sleep way to wild to even try this out, it would not make sense for me to sleep with some gloves on. I cannot comment on the anti-aging effect because I don’t have fine lines and wrinkles to reduce but I can say that I like how soft and plump my hands feel afterwards. I don’t have 20-30 minutes during weekdays to pamper my hands. However I love to make some time in the weekend or after my n gel lack session at the nail salon to take care of my hands.

Full size: 28 pounds/ 3 pairs in a pack – Available online and instore via

Spatchology flash masque trio

Patchology Trio Flash Masques

Who does not love sheet masks? I definitely do love them! They are part of the secret to great skin and much cheaper than a facial. The description says to leave on for 5 minutes but I like to leave them on until dry since I don’t want to much residue on my skin. The Patchology masks smell lovely and the sheets made of luxe fabric are wet enough. The exfoliate FlashMasque mask is my favorite. Infused with lactic acid and papain help to dissolve and remove dead skin cells and aloe helps to minimize irritation. The hydrate FlashMasque provide excellent hydration. The active ingredients are Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5. The Illuminate Flashmasque is highly recommend to use before an important event and when radiance is very much needed. Infused with essential ingredients like Licorice, Grapefruit seed extracts and Vitamin C. The sheets feel very soft and they are very comfortable. This sheet mask feels very luxurious and it stays put very well. After removing my mask, my skin feels plump, taken care off and hydrated. I always follow up with a rich moisturizer. If you want the best effect I would recommend you to exfoliate first with a scrub and follow up with the sheet mask.

Full size: 21 pounds/ 3 pairs in a pack – Available via

evidence de beaute rich cream

evidens de beaute rich cream

Evidens de Beauté Mini Rich Cream:

Japanese technology mixed with some French refined taste has brought us Evidens de Beauté. I use this cream as a night cream since it might be too use under make-up. I have not used the cream for a very long time in order to discuss long time results but by impression so far is good. I woke up with radiant skin and off course that makes me very happy. The active ingredients are quite impressive: Black sugar, Jojoba Oil, Squalene and Sorbitol. The key ingredient is the Qal complex developed by the founder herself. The fragrance has been developed in Grasse – the perfume capital of the world. I don’t know if I would invest in such an expensive cream at the moment but I will definitely keep this brand in mind.

Deluxe size 47 pounds/ Full size 235 pounds – Available via Harrods.

I can’t wait for the December Mintd Box to land on my desk. Don’t forget to subscribe! via This is the best way to get introduce to some amazing and luxurious brands out there.




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