This month MINTD Box (sold out!) is made especially for me. I’m just kidding! However I haven’t slept eight hours for the last couple of weeks. It is a fact that lack of sleep makes you age faster, makes you look way older and it stimulates acne which I hate. In conclusion sleep shortage is very bad for your health and skin.I am so happy that MINTD Box teamed up with 5 of the most exclusive & exceptional beauty brands and hand-picked some of the best beauty sleep hero’s to help me and hopefully you too to get the sleep you need. Once again I was very excited to receive my MINTD Box and I can’t wait to share the content with you.

I just need to point out that I am no big fan of subscription boxes but this box really ticks all the boxes. I was jumping with joy when I received my box. Props to Cheryl for putting this box together


Now let’s move on to the products:

This month’s box has a value of € 160 and holds 2 full and 4 deluxe sized beauty products from the most respective and exclusive beauty brands.

aromatherapy associates

Aromatherapy associates perfect partners:

A combination of the two most popular bath oils (7.5 ml x2) presented in signature packaging. With the help of these two I can create my own spa at home. Essential oils have a very positive effect on me and they help me to balance my skin and mind with the result that I sleep much better at night. I feel very relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep after applying this nontoxic bath oil directly onto my skin before I jump into the shower. When you don’t have a bathtub at home (like me) one should be creative. Just spread the oil all over your body, enjoy the fragrance and the effect that it has on the skin.

The ‘deep relax’ bath and shower oil contains vetivert, chamomile and sandalwood to fall asleep faster. While the ‘revive morning’ shower oil contains grapefruit, rosemary and juniper to start the day full of energy.. These oils transformed my bathroom into a spa and made me fall asleep like a rock.

Full size: € 47/ 55 ml – Available at Selfridges, online and instore


Janey Whitehorn rose lavender filled eye mask:

I guess this is my favorite discovery out of the bunch! A must have!! I have a little bit trouble with falling asleep and staying asleep but this mask makes me want to sleep as soon as I get home from work. The rose lavender scented eye mask is hand painted onto 100% silk, filled with lavender and is backed with a padded velvet. Did you know that silk doesn’t sweat, doesn’t draw moisture away from your skin and is way more gentle on your hair? I love to travel and I can recommend this filled eye mask to all off you that love to travel. The lavender scent is super relaxing and smells amazing I would not consider it as overpowering at all! This is a highly recommended eyemask. Normally a very good eye mask (made of silk) can be quite expensive. The Janey Whitehorn one sits well, feels very soft and smells heavenly. As a proud owner I can recommend it to all of my readers.

Price 28 Pounds

Evidence de Beauté eye recovery serum:

I have never heard of this beauty brand/product before but I was excited to be introduced to the brand. Thanks MINTD Box for introducing me to beauty brands like these that I am not familiar with. Some of these brands are favorites now. This fine textured anti-aging eye cream sits perfect under my eye make-up, doesn’t crease and I like the fact that it is moisturizing enough for dry skin but not too heavy for oily skin. In my opinion eye cream should never be too thick and creamy since it should work well under make-up. This eye serum has a high concentration of active ingredients. Apply and massage to stimulate active ingredients like Squalene, Vitamin K and Hyaluronic Acid. I always reach for this eye serum in the morning when I feel tired thanks to lack of sleep.

Full size 185 pounds/ 15 ml – Available at Harrods, online and in store


Wildheart Organics tranquil travel candle:

I love candles! Especially non synthetic ones. This 100% natural Lavender, Neroli and Sandalwood pre sleep candle smells a-mazing and is made with 100% natural plant ingredients. This bestselling candle makes me de-stress and fall asleep like a baby. The Tranquil amazing candle fills my bedroom with such a delicious and very relaxing aroma. Re-use the glass to store small items like your cotton pads or keep the candle in your carry-on if you want to keep your carry – on fresh while travelling. In my opinion the throw could be better but despite that I would still buy the full size to have on my night stand or the travel size to burn in my hotel room while travelling. This candle will definitely make me feel at home wherever I am.

Full size 19 pounds / 160 gr/ 30h burn time – Available via

Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost:

This is my first Oskia product. I know this brand because of Instagram. Everyone raves about it and I was very happy to receive my first Oskia product via Mintdbox. You just need to apply a tiny bit of this rich cream on your face, neck and décolleté , massage it in for one minute (this boosts circulation) and let your skin absorb it. The cream is quite rich/greasy so which makes it perfect as a night cream. I like thick night creams because I always wake up with glowing and plumped skin the morning after. The Oskia Bedtime Beauty boost can be used every night with or without a serum (underneath).

Full size 78 pounds/ 50 ml – Available via


Siskyn organic safflower hot cloth cleansing oil:

An award winning all natural hot cloth cleansing oil packed with beautiful ingredients in a beautiful bottle. Wow doesn’t that sounds amazing! I always manage to find a spot in my bathroom for a product like this. The fragrance or maybe I should say the lack of fragrance is not really my cup of tea but that is just a minor detail. I can really smell the Castor oil, which was never my favorite however, that is such a personal preference. At the end of the day it is all about performance and the performance is very good. It is very effective and I only need to press 1-2 pump(s) into the palm of my hands and massage it in to lift all my make-up. I rinse thoroughly with warm water and the cleansing cloth to remove the oil residue, and always follow up with a cream or gel cleanser. While cleansing my face in the evening (I prefer to reach for oil based cleansers in the evening) I always make sure to double cleanse. It is very important to remove make-up with a cleansing oil first since a good cleansing oil has the ability to dissolve layers of make-up and dirt after just one application. An oil cleanser also brings sebum and other oil based substances to the surface because oil attracts oil. I would recommend the Siskyn Organic Safflower Hot Cloth Cleansing Oil to all of you since it is  a nice addition to every skincare stash. I love to massage my skin with this cleansing oil. Did you know by the way that a facial massage really does wonders for the skin? You should not wait for a beautician to touch your face. With the right tools you can give your self a good enough face massage at home. This oil is suitable for all skin types, yes even for us with oily skin. Highly recommended.

Full size 36 pounds/ 100 ml – Available via

The October box might me sold out but I am already excited about the November box named ‘Winter Skincare Hydration Kit’ with a retail value of over 150 pounds. Pre order yours now via because you don’t want to miss this box.

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