a Red lipstick, some of you swear by it but pink remains my favourite shade. I love fuchia pinks, dark pinks, matte, shiny as long as it is pink. It doesn’t end with a lipshade because I happen to love a nice pink blush too. When I want to achieve that healthy look pink is the only way to go! Who doesn’t want to look natural and healthy? I do! Since I am loving this color so much I want to share my top finds with you.

Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Hot Cheek Palette Berry

Sorry guys this one is already sold out but you can still buy the colors seperately at the Bobbi Brown Counter. This palette was part of the spring Hot Collection in colaboration with Kate Upton. Berry is one of the three cheek palettes, the other two palettes are ‘Calypso’ and ‘Pink’. I bought this palette mainly because of the golden pink highlighter, it looked so beautiful on my skin. The highlighter may look a little bit like the ‘Bronze’ Shimmer Brick but I find this one slightly more subtile and therefore a much better pick for a office day. The blush shades are nice, the colors wear pretty together. I will have to admit that I am kind of crazy about the minimalist sleek black Bobbi Brown packaging with the full length mirror. The shades Plum Blush, Berry Highlight and French Pink Blush are very pigmented and suit my dark skintone very well.


Dior Addict Lipstick 865 Collection

This was my first pink lipstick and as long as it exists I will keep it in my stash. This lovely dark fuchia is creamy, feels nice on my lips and complements my dark skintone very good. I was inpired by Tyra Banks because I just saw a picture of her with pink lipstick on. She was the one who inspired me to try out a pink shade on my lips. A few weeks later I discovered this shade by incident at the department store and since then we never parted. Sometimes I tend to forget about it but I will always keep it in my stash. Compared to the YSL Rouge Volupte Rouge Intime this one is way more deeper and acts more like a lipstick. I would say that this one suits perfectly for a after work drink or a party.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Hot Berry

Just lovely! You can’t go brighter. I don’t reach for this bright fuchia shade that often but when I do people always ask me if I just came back from a holiday or if I had something done. no peeps its all Bobbi Brown! This Art Stick is much better than a lipstick. It is matte but still creamy, I don’t need to reach for a lip primer and it stays on for hours. It looks like a jumbo lippencil but it acts like a lippencil and lipstick in one.

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine no 28 Rose Intime

I fell in love with this shiny lipstick. ‘Rose Intime’ can be described as a deep fuchsia. I love to use it as a gloss because it is very sheer and shiney but yet much more pigmented than a regular gloss or lipbalm. If you want it intense just buil dit up. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine applies smoothly and even, there is no sticky feeling and it feels like you are wearing a gloss. I love the fragrance but that is a personal preference. I reach for this shade when I am in need of some extra oomph but still good enough for the office. YSL Rouge Volupte feels incredible on the lips and it gives me a very hydrating feeling. There is such a big variety of colors so there must be a shade for everyone.

Nars Desire Blush

This is such a bright color! Altough it looks much brighter in the pan than on my skin. I discovered this shade during my trip to Chicago last year. I was so happy because Nars is not sold in The Netherlands,   I just couldn’t be happier. I had the intention to go for the Orgasm shade because everyone was raving about it but I ended up with ‘Desire’. Desire complements my skintone so good and it really brings a pop of color to my cheeks. It is very pigmented and a little goes a very long way! I love to use this shade in combination with the YSL Rouge Volupte Rose Intime or in combination with a nice gloss like the YSL Gloss Volupte 201 Pure. Whenever I look tired or I want that extra color on my cheek. Be carefull with thisone because you may end up looking like a clown if you apply to much on your cheeks. I like to combine it with the Bobbi Brown highter (from the Hot Palette) because they work very well together. Desire is matt and non sparkly thats why it works so good with a shimmery highlighter.



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