I am not a big fan of eyeshadows because I prefer the natural look and that doesn’t include eyeshadows (for me) but I made an exception for the YSL Couture Mono Eyeshadows. The YSL Couture Mono Eyeshadows are launched for spring 2015. “Yves Saint Laurent presents all day wear and the highest chromatic power, now in 16 iconic shades. No crease, no migration, only intense color pay off that makes a statement. Available in matte, satin, metallic and shimmer finishes.”

I love them because of the color range, the chic packaging and the staying power. I swatched #13 ‘Fouge’ on my hand and on my eyelids and I need to confirm to you that the staying power is very good! I had to remove it with a good remover/cleansingbalm. I know that € 31,95 for a single eyeshadow is a little bit crazy but for me it was worth the pricetag. I guess that a lot of you would prefer to buy a dupe since the colorrange is very basic. I bought color #13 because I love to do smokey eye make-up especially when going for a dinner or going out. I love the YSL campaign with Cara D. she looks so beautiful with her smokey eyes. I was looking for a good eyeshadow with a intense color and staying power to set my eyeliner. I suffer from watery eyes so it is necessary for me to own good waterproof khol liners and to be double shure I set it with a good eyeshadow. I don’t want to end up looking like panda eyes. Panda’s are cute animals but the panda look just doesn’t look that cute on me.

I was doubting between black and brown but I ended up choosing brown because it looks more natural on my skin. I just love the ‘make-up/ no make-up look. It applies smoothy and it is definitely buildable.  When I use a tin layer of the eyeshadow in combination with my eyeprimer (also from YSL) it doesn’t look like I am wearing eyeshadow at all.  You can also use the eyeshadow to enhance your eyebrows on a natural way.

I do recommend!



Pictures by Priscilla (mainpage picture Pinterest)

Disclaimer: I am not paid to mention YSL or other product names. All opinions are mine only



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