As you already may know YSL is one of my favourite beauty brands (review here and here). I will admit that the packaging is definitely one of the reasons why I love to purchase YSL beauty products. It is not only about their gorgeous packaging but also about the quality of their products. A few weeks ago YSL introduced the brand’s latest eye offerings. I love every single piece of the collection but today I will discuss the COUTURE EYE PRIMER.

“YSL introduces the ultimate Couture Eye Primer. Get 16 hours of vibrant color or wear it solo for a perfect nude eye look. This formula locks in color for crease-free wear that lasts all day.”

This was my first experience using a eyeprimer and I need to say that I am quite impressed with the Couture Eye Primer from YSL. My eyelids get oily during the day, they can get very greasy between the creases. I once received the tip to apply concealer on my eyelids to even out the skintone but this tip will not work for me. Because of my oily eyelids the concealer will get between the creases and that is not nice to see. The problem is that you won’t be noticing it but every one around you will do.

YSL gives what he promised! 16 hours crease free. This eyeprimer is amazing my eyes just look much better than when I don’t use it. Just apply a little bit with your fingertip, you will love it. I am not a big eyeshadow lover but I bought this due to the fact that you can wear it solo for a perfect nude eye look. It makes your face look flawless and it gives you that finished polished look that everyone loves (I DO!) The primer comes in ‘fair’ and ‘medium’. I bought it in ‘medium’ a shimmery sheer shade. The fair is lighter and matte. I still need to trial the primer with my MONO COUTURE EYESHADOW but I have no doubts that it will look good and last all day.

Price € 31,50 for 5 gr

Disclaimer: I am not paid to mention YSL or other product names. All opinions are mine only


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