I was so exited when Amazingy (a fabulous naturals/organic beauty webshop) gave me the chance to trial the Tata Harper Winter Moisturizing Essentials Kit (€ 95). I wanted to try out the Tata Harper skincare line for such a long time now but sometimes I try to put a hold on my beauty shopping obsession because I can’t finish them all. I do feel a little embarassed that it took me so long. Thanks Amazingy! It was about time.

Tata Harper is a 100% natural and antiaging skincare from Vermont USA. Tata Harper decided to create her own skincare line because she wanted to give the skincare industry a fresh start with with highly effective and luxurious antiaging beauty products that are completely free of synthetic and chemical ingredients.

The set contains :

  • The Refreshing Cleanser 15ml
  • The Repairative Moisturizer 15ml
  • The Replenishing Nutrient Complex 3ml
  • Be Fierce lipbalm 2.8 ml
  • The Revitalizing Body Oil 15ml

Let me start with the packaging from Tata Harper, I love it! The packaging is so luxurious but made from recycleable glass bottles. These bottles look so cute on my vanity table. The set comes with a green velvet pouch, perfect for travelling.

Refreshing Cleanser

The refreshing Cleanser is free of soap, alcohol and detergents. The ingredients are quite amazing:

Pommegranate Enzymes dissolves buildup and blackheads
Grapefruit and Bergamot cleanse and tone the skin
French Pink Clay helps thoroughly cleanse and detoxify the skin
Willow Bark sloughs away dead skin and minimizes apperance of pores

Two pumps on dry skin is enough for a thoroughly cleaned skin. For me this is a second cleanse cleanser. I will not remove my make-up with this because 1. The full size is expensive 2. The ingredients are too good to waste on make-up. The fragrance is nice, it smells like lemongrass/citrus. I can’t find anything bad about this cleanser. The texture is great for a good face massage and the frangrance makes it the perfect wake me up cleanser. You can use it daily and it is good for sensitive skintypes. Just keep in mind that citrus oils can irritate the skin. But that is a personal. Full size € 74,95

The Repairative Moisturizer

This moisturizer is made for people with dry skin. I tried it but it made my skin a little bit greasy. I have a combination, sometimes greasy skin and I think that this might be too rich for me. I will use it in the weekends during the winter months when I just want a bare face en non make-up weekends. It does contain some good ingredients for dry skin like Aloe, Mango Seed Butter and Borage oils. I think that it will give a dewy finish to those with dry skin but on my skin it turns out greasy after a few hours. Full size € 100
The Replenishing Nutrient Complex

This lightweight serum improves the skin’s glow, texture and hydration. It smells exactly the same as the cleanser , it has the signature citrus smell with a sweet hint.

Arnica promotes balance by diminishing inflammation and redness
Alfalfa oxygenates the skin and helps nourish with Vitamins A,B,C,D,E
Jojoba deeply moisturizes and helps softens the skins’s texture
Rose Geranium improves appearance of skintone

I love to use this in combination with my dermaroller (review coming up soon).When one uses a dermaroller at home it is very important to use natural products with the best concentrations because the dermaroller will allow the products to enter the body (bloodstream) in much higher quantities. Since this amazing product contains so many good vitamins and minerals I like to use it as my last step as a seal to my routine. Sometimes I use a light moisturizer before dermarolling and The Replenishing nutrient complex afterward and sometimes I just use it alone. It absorbes quickly and it leaves my skin amazingly soft. Full size € 44,95

Be Fierce Lip Balm

This is the second best lipbalm that I have ever tried in my life! Or should I give it a number one spot? A-MA-ZING! From the fruity fragrance to the nice slim green applicator. This yellow tinted balm is made to protect lips from environmental aging. You can not compare this to a regular lipbalm because it doesn’t dry out my lips at all and it is very hydrating. It is not sticky and I can guarantee that it will be your life saver during the cold winter months. I love to use it solo because it gives a nice sheen but I also love to wear it under drying lipsticks instead of primer. When I decide to use it under lipstick I do wipe the excess away to avoid a mess on my lips. Highly recommended! Full size € 23,95

The Revitalizing Body Oil

This was my hair saver on my trip to Stockholm. I haven’t brought my hairoils so I had to multitask with this one. The frangrance is heavy and also dominated by a Citrus and Geranium scent. The texture might be rich but it absorbes quickly and it leaves a nice glow on the skin. Full size € 90.00

Alfalfa Extract oxygenates the skin for a revitalized appearance
Arnica Extract helps reduce inflammation and puffiness for a toned look
Apricot Kernel Oil thoroughly nourishes and moisturizes for skin that feels healthy and soft
Geranium and Grapefruit revitalize tissue and tone the skin


If you are in need for some transition products I can highly recomment this kit. You can buy yours at Amazingy. They carry some awesome organic skincare lines and they deliver world wide. I can’t thank them enough for reminding me that Tata Harper is an amazing brand.

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