A week ago I had the privilege of traveling to Cape Town, South Africa. It was a dream come true since this trip was on my bucket list for a while now. Once in Cape Town I had to visit the “Santa Maria Novella’’ store at the Cape Quarter Shopping Center. The store has a very chic and elegant appearance and it carries a countless selection of Santa Maria Novella products.

Santa Maria Novella Cape Town

Santa Maria Novella is an Italian and very niche brand and has made some amazing products. It is one of the world’s oldest pharmacies (since 1612).I believe that the rose water is one of their most famous products but you can also find candles, skincare products and much more in their stores or via the resellers.

I fell in love imediately with the “Relax” Scented Candle ZAR 400/440gr. This candle comes in three sizes – small, medium and large and it is hand made of 100% beeswax, the wick is also made from 100% cotton.  It has a very chic, hand painted gold stamp and the fragrance can be described as a blend of rosemary, orange and lavendel oils and natural cinnamon bark. The candle comes in a cute box and is beautifully wrapped. I like the design of the candle and the way it smells but I have to burn it more often to experience the throw a little bit more. In my opinion the Relax Scented Candle doesn’t have the best throw (I find Diptyque better) but it is still nice. The fragrance is very chic, it gives me the illusion that my appartment has been transformed into a apothecary. This is not the only fragrance to choose from. In Cape Town I have smelled four different frangrances but the collection in Florence is much bigger since it is created there. If you are planning to visit Cape Town anytime soon I would recommend you to visit the Santa Maria Novella Store.

Santa Maria Novella Relax Candle

Santa Maria Novella Relax Candle

santa maria novella relax candle

santa maria novella capetown

santa maria novella

Some candle care tips from Santa Maria Novella:

  1. Do not keep the candle lit for more than 6 consecutive hours;
  2. Use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame;
  3. For optimal use, trim the rim of the candle before lightening it;
  4. Extinguish the candle if it smokes, flickers repeatedlu or the flame is to high: the candle isn’t burning properly.

You can find Santa Maria Novella in the Netherlands at Babassu and Lianne Tio Parfumes – in store only.


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